Brad Paisley / ブラッド・ペイズリー - This Is Country Music / ディス・イズ・カントリー・ミュージック

Label: Arista


Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music / ブラッド・ペイズリー - ディス・イズ・カントリー・ミュージック


  1. Old Alabama (Featuring Alabama)
  2. This Is Country Music
  3. Remind Me (Duet With Carrie Underwood)
  4. This Is Country Music
  5. Life's Railway To Heaven (Featuring Marty Stuart and Sheryl Crow)
  6. This Is Country Music
  7. This Is Country Music
  8. Old Alabama (Featuring Alabama)
  9. A Man Don't Have To Die
  10. Camouflage
  11. Remind Me (Duet With Carrie Underwood)
  12. Working On A Tan
  13. Love Her Like She's Leavin' (Featuring Don Henley)
  14. One Of Those Lives
  15. Toothbrush
  16. Be The Lake
  17. Eastwood (Featuring Clint Eastwood)
  18. New Favorite Memory
  19. Don't Drink The Water (Featuring Blake Shelton)
  20. I Do Now