George Strait / ジョージ・ストレイト - Here for a Good Time / ヒア・フォー・ア・グッド・タイム

Label: Mca Nashville


The King of Country Music is releasing his 39th studio album, Here For A Good Time, on September 6th and there is one thing that's perfectly clear - George Strait is having a really good time doing what he does best - making music. The Country Music Hall of Famer co-wrote seven of the album's 11 tracks with his son Bubba and legendary songwriter Dean Dillon.

George Strait - Here for a Good Time / ジョージ・ストレイト - ヒア・フォー・ア・グッド・タイム


  1. Love's Gonna Make It Alright
  2. Drinkin' Man `
  3. Shame On Me
  4. Poison
  5. Here For A Good Time
  6. House Across The Bay
  7. Lone Star Blues
  8. A Showman's Life
  9. Three Nails And A Cross
  10. Blue Marlin Blues
  11. I'll Always Remember You