Erasure / イレイジャー - Tomorrow's World / トゥモローズ・ワールド

Label: Mute


Tomorrow's World is produced by one of the dance scene's most exciting new talents, Frankmusik (production credits include Lady Gaga, Pet Shop Boys, Ellie Goulding) and mixed by Rob Orton.

Erasure - Tomorrow's World / イレイジャー - トゥモローズ・ワールド


  1. Be with you
  2. Fill us with fire
  3. What will I say when you're gone?
  4. You've got to save me right now
  5. A whole lotta love run riot
  6. When I start to (break it all down)
  7. I Lose Myself
  8. Then I go twisting
  9. Just when I thought it was ending