Netsky / ネットスカイ - Netsky / ネットスカイ

Label: Hospital Records

ベルギーのドラムンベース・プロデューサー、ネットスカイのデビュー・アルバム。イギリスの名門 Hospital Records よりリリース。

Fresh, euphoric and unique the album delivers the full spectrum of the Netsky sound. Big vocal cuts like "Escape" featuring Darrison) and "Moving With You" (featuring Jenna G) provide two instant D+B classics. There are massive instrumentals bangers "Iron Heart" and "Secret Agent" contrasted with the haunting deeper moments of "Let's Leave Tomorrow" and "Storm Clouds". Netsky has nailed the sound of 2010's raver. Clean cut, high quality dancefloor music, perfect for staying up all night to.

Netsky - Netsky / ネットスカイ - ネットスカイ


  1. "Escape" (feat. Darrison)
  2. "Iron Heart" 5:56
  3. "Moving With You" (feat. Jenna G)
  4. "Secret Agent" 5:35
  5. "Mellow" (feat. Terri Pace)
  6. "I Can't Hold On"
  7. "Storm Clouds"
  8. "Gravity"
  9. "Let's Leave Tomorrow" (feat. Bev Lee Harling)
  10. "Rise & Shine"
  11. "The Magic Russian Bottle"
  12. "Endless Search"
  13. "Porcelain"