WhoMadeWho / フーメイドフー - Knee Deep / ニー・ディープ

Label: Kompakt Germany

Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg からなデンマークのダンス・パンク・バンド、フーメイドフーのミニ・アルバム。ドイツの名門レーベル Kompakt よりリリース。

WhoMadeWho will release the mini-album "Knee Deep" that will reveal a darker side together with their own take on party music as rumors have it that the Fall full-length album release will be a collection of organic electronically pop-songs

WhoMadeWho - Knee Deep / フーメイドフー - ニー・ディープ


  1. There's an Answer
  2. Every Minute Alone
  3. Musketeer
  4. All That I Am
  5. Nothing Has Changed
  6. Two Feet Off Ground
  7. Checkers
  8. We're Alive, It's a Miracle
  9. 555