Odd Future / オッド・フューチャー - The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 / ジ・オッド・フューチャー・テープ2

Label: ソニー・ミュージックジャパンインターナショナル


2012 release, a collection of songs spearheaded by Tyler The Creator and featuring music from the entire Odd Future collective. Includes appearances from Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Frank Ocean, Leftbrain, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Syd The Kyd and The Internet.

Odd Future - The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 / オッド・フューチャー - ジ・オッド・フューチャー・テープ2


  1. Bitches (ft. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats)
  2. NY (Ned Flander) (ft. Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator)
  3. Ya Know (ft. the Internet)
  4. Forest Green (ft. Mike G)
  5. Lean (ft. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis)
  6. Analog 2 (ft. Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Syd tha Kyd)
  7. 50 (ft. MellowHype)
  8. Snow White (ft. Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean)
  9. Rella (ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, the Creator)
  10. Real Bitch (ft. MellowHype and Taco)
  11. P (ft. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator)
  12. White (ft. Frank Ocean)
  13. Hcapd (ft. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator)
  14. Sam (Is Dead) (ft. Domo Genesis and Tyler, the Creator)
  15. Doms (ft. Domo Genesis)
  16. We Got Bitches (ft. Tyler, the Creator, Taco, and Jasper Dolphin)
  17. Oldie (ft. Odd Future)