Wiley / ワイリー - 100% Publishing / 100%パブリッシング

Label: Big Dada Records


'100% Publishing' is one hundred per cent written, produced, vocalled and recorded by Richard Cowie, the shadowy figure behind the Wiley persona. Well, 99.99% written, produced, vocalled and recorded by him. This being Wiley, having decided on the concept, he did sneak one guest vocalist onto the record (on the chorus to "Talk About Life").

Wiley - 100% Publishing / ワイリー - 100%パブリッシング


  1. Information Age
  2. 100% Publishing
  3. Numbers In Action
  4. Boom Boom Da Na
  5. Your Intuition
  6. I Just Woke Up
  7. Wise Man and His Words
  8. Talk About Life
  9. Yonge Street (1,178 miles long)
  10. Pink Lady
  11. Up There
  12. One Hit Wonde
  13. To Be Continued