A Sunny Day In Glasgow / ア・サニー・デイ・イン・グラスゴー - Sea When Absent / シー・ホエン・アブセント

Label: Lefse Records


A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Sea When Absent

Track listing

  1. Bye Bye, Big Ocean (The End)
  2. In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)
  3. Crushin'
  4. MTLOV (Minor Keys)
  5. The Things They Do to Me
  6. Boys Turn Into Girls (Initiation Rites)
  7. Never Nothing (It's Alright [It's Ok])
  8. Double Dutch
  9. The Body, It Bends
  10. Oh, I'm a Wrecker (What to Say to Crazy People)
  11. Golden Waves