Architecture In Helsinki / アーキテクチャー・イン・ヘルシンキ - Moment Bends / モーメント・ベンズ

Label: V2 Coop


Recorded over a 2 year period in the band's studio space, Buckingham Palace, songwriter Cameron Bird says "Moment Bends was all about being at one with our ideas, obsessed with popular music and falling in love with our hometown. We wanted to build a record to get lost in."

Architecture In Helsinki - Moment Bends / アーキテクチャー・イン・ヘルシンキ - モーメント・ベンズ


  1. Desert Island
  2. Escapee
  3. Contact High
  4. W.O.W
  5. Yr Go To
  6. Sleep Talkin'
  7. I Know Deep Down
  8. That Beep
  9. Denial Style
  10. Everything's Blue
  11. B4 3D