Art Brut / アート・ブラット - Brilliant! Tragic! / ブリリアント!トラジック!

Label: Cooking Vinyl


Again produced by Black Francis but unlike its predecessor "Art Brut vs. Satan", which was recorded in under two weeks, Brilliant Tragic's writing process was a lot more intense than usual, as Eddie Argos explains "with the last album we met up every couple of months and wrote three or four songs.

Art Brut - Brilliant! Tragic! / アート・ブラット - ブリリアント!トラジック!


  1. Clever Clever Jazz
  2. Lost Weekend
  3. Bad Comedian
  4. Sexy Sometimes
  5. Is Dog Eared
  6. Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!
  7. Axl Rose
  8. I Am The Psychic
  9. Ice Hockey
  10. Sealand