Beirut / ベイルート - The Rip Tide / ザ・リップ・タイド

Label: Pompeii Records


The performances of the band--Perrin Cloutier on accordion, Paul Collins on bass, Ben Lanz on trombone, Nick Petree on drums and Kelly Pratt on horns--are spot-on. With contributions by such esteemed colleagues as violinist Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw) and Sharon Van Etten

Beirut - The Rip Tide / ベイルート - ザ・リップ・タイド


  1. A Candle's Fire
  2. Santa Fe
  3. East Harlem
  4. Goshen
  5. Payne's Bay
  6. The Rip Tide
  7. Vagabond
  8. The Peacock
  9. Cuixmala