Bill Fay / ビル・フェイ - Life Is People / ライフ・イズ・ピープル

Label: Dead Oceans


Matt Deighton (Oasis, Paul Weller, Mother Earth) assembled a cast of backup musicians to bring out the songs' full potential. These include Deighton on guitar, Tim Weller (who's played drums for everyone from Will Young to Noel Gallagher and Goldfrapp), and keyboardist Mikey Rowe (High Flying Birds, Stevie Nicks, etc). In addition, Bill is reunited on several tracks with Ray Russell and drummer Alan Rushton, who played on Time Of The Last Persecution.

Bill Fay - Life Is People / ビル・フェイ - ライフ・イズ・ピープル


  1. There Is A Valley
  2. Big Painter
  3. Never Ending Happening
  4. This World
  5. The Healing Day
  6. City of Dreams
  7. Be At Peace With Yourself
  8. Jesus, Etc.
  9. Empires
  10. Thank You Lord
  11. Cosmic Concerto (Life Is People)
  12. The Coast No Man Can Tell