Blood Orange / ブラッド・オレンジ - Coastal Grooves / コスタル・グルーヴス

Label: Domino


Informed by the equally neon atmosphere of Chris Isaak, Billy Idol, 80's Japanese pop such as Yellow Magic Orchestra and French singer F.R David, Hynes took the songs that form 'Coastal Grooves' on a trip to the West Coast where he started turning the ideas into an album with producer Ariel Rechtshaid in L.A.

Blood Orange - Coastal Grooves / ブラッド・オレンジ - コスタル・グルーヴス


  1. Forget It
  2. Sutphin Boulevard
  3. I'm Sorry We Lied
  4. Can We Go Inside Now?
  5. S'cooled10. Champagne Coast
  6. Complete Failure
  7. Instantly Blank (The Goodness)
  8. The Complete Knock
  9. Are You Sure You're Really Busy?
  10. Champagne Coast