British Sea Power / ブリティッシュ・シー・パワー - Valhalla Dancehall / ヴァルハラ・ダンスホール

Label: Rough Trade Us


"The song 'Living Is So Easy' features electronic keyboards, some Louis Vuitton and clay pigeons. It's a mixture of Serge Gainsbourg and Ralf and Florian era Kraftwerk with a sprinkle of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. It's our most electronic song to date, but it's not doom 1980s electronica. This is the high life."

British Sea Power - Valhalla Dancehall / ブリティッシュ・シー・パワー - ヴァルハラ・ダンスホール


  1. "Who's In Control"
  2. "We Are Sound"
  3. "Georgie Ray"
  4. "Stunde Null"
  5. "Mongk II"
  6. "Luna"
  7. "Baby"
  8. "Living Is So Easy"
  9. "Observe The Skies"
  10. "Cleaning Out The Rooms"
  11. "Thin Black Sail"
  12. "Once More Now"
  13. "Heavy Water"