Dent May / デント・メイ - Do Things / ドゥ・シングス

Label: Paw Tracks


Played entirely by himself and recorded in sessions split between his bedroom at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch and a small cabin by a cotton field outside Oxford, MS, Do Things finds the self-described "wedding reception band on acid" purveying the same heavy helpings of sentiment, but forgoing the jocular tone of his debut for a more contemplative-but still relentlessly optimistic-demeanor.

Dent May - Do Things / デント・メイ - ドゥ・シングス


  1. Rent Money
  2. Fun
  3. Tell Her
  4. Best Friend
  5. Don't Wait Too Long
  6. Wedding Day
  7. Parents
  8. Find It
  9. Do Things
  10. Home Groan