Dum Dum Girls / ダム・ダム・ガールズ - Only in Dreams / オンリー・イン・ドリームス

Label: P-VINE


And now that power and glory is showcased by a full-on studio production--while I Will Be was recorded at home and modestly spiffed up in a studio by legendary pop maestro Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Go's), Only in Dreams was recorded at Josh Homme's Pink Duck Studios, "almost a museum in terms of the old amps and guitars he's amassed," says Dee Dee admiringly. Gottehrer again produced, this time with Sune Rose Wagner from the Raveonettes.

Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams / ダム・ダム・ガールズ - オンリー・イン・ドリームス


  1. Always Looking
  2. Bedroom Eyes
  3. Just a Creep
  4. In My Head
  5. Heartbeat
  6. Caught in One
  7. Coming Down
  8. Wasted Away
  9. Teardrops on My Pillow
  10. Hold Your Hand