Edwyn Collins / エドウィン・コリンズ - Losing Sleep / ルージング・スリープ

Label: ホステス


Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep / エドウィン・コリンズ - ルージング・スリープ


  1. Losing Sleep
  2. What Is My Role? (Co-written with Ryan Jarman)
  3. Do It Again (Co-written with Alex Kapranos & Nick McCarthy)
  4. Humble
  5. Bored
  6. In Your Eyes (Co-written with The Drums)
  7. I Still Believe In You (Co-written with Ryan Jarman)
  8. Come Tomorrow, Come Today (Co-written with Johnny Marr)
  9. It Dawns On Me (Co-written with Romeo Stodart)
  10. Over The Hill
  11. All My Days (Co-written with Roddy Frame)
  12. Searching For The Truth
  13. (予定情報)ボーナス・トラック収録