Esben & The Witch / エスベン&ザ・ウィッチ - Violet Cries / ヴァイオレット・クライズ

Label: Hostess Entertainment


'Violet Cries', recorded by produced by the band's Daniel Copeman, easily ranks amongst the more audacious and ambitious debut albums, whether in recent memory or in this label's very long run. While we're occupied petitioning retailers to add an "Uneasy Listening" bin card to their sales floor, here's just a hint of what you're in for next February ;

Esben & The Witch - Violet Cries / エスベン&ザ・ウィッチ - ヴァイオレット・クライズ


  1. Argyria
  2. Marching Song
  3. Marine Fields Glow
  4. Light Streams
  5. Hexagons IV
  6. Chorea
  7. Warpath
  8. Battlecry/Mimicry
  9. Eumenides
  10. Swans
  11. Skeleton Swoon (ボーナストラック)
  12. Lucia,At The Precipice( ボーナストラック)
  13. They Use Smiles To Bury You (ボーナストラック)