Friends / フレンズ - Manifest! / マニフェスト

Label: Lucky Number


The album was produced by the band - singer Samantha Urbani, multi-instrumentalists Lesley Hann, Matthew Molnar, and Nikki Shapiro, and drummer Oliver Duncan. They recorded its twelve tracks between last summer and this spring with engineer Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather studios in Brooklyn.

Friends - Manifest! / フレンズ - マニフェスト


  1. Friend Crush
  2. Sorry
  3. Home
  4. A Thing Like This
  5. A Light
  6. Ideas on Ghosts
  7. Ruins
  8. I'm His Girl
  9. Proud/Ashamed
  10. Stay Dreaming
  11. Van Fan Gor Du
  12. Mind Control