Fucked Up / ファックト・アップ - David Comes To Life / デヴィッド・カムズ・トゥ・ライフ

Label: Matador Records

カナダのハードコア・パンク・バンド、ファックト・アップのサード・アルバム。MIA、Cults、Sleigh Bells 等を手がける Shane Stoneback がプロデュース。

Right from the start, Toronto's Fucked Up have been pushing musical and conceptual boundaries. Their third album, the 18-song, 78-minute David Comes To Life is a rock opera, an album set to a play. Though no less monumental, it is far more melodic than their breakthrough The Chemistry of Common Life.

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life / ファックト・アップ - デヴィッド・カムズ・トゥ・ライフ


  1. Let Her Rest
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. Under My Nose
  4. The Other Shoe
  5. Turn the Season
  6. Running On Nothing
  7. Remember My Name
  8. A Slanted Tone
  9. Serve Me Right
  10. Truth I Know
  11. Life In Paper
  12. Ship of Fools
  13. A Little Death
  14. I Was There
  15. Inside a Frame
  16. The Recursive Girl
  17. One More Night
  18. Lights Go Up