Jaill / ジェイル - Traps / トラップス

Label: Sub Pop


Recorded throughout 2011 in Kircher's crummy, poorly lit basement, with minimal gear and a control room of thrift store afghans, and mixed at NY's Rare Book Room by Nicolas Vernhes, Jaill's latest mangled masterpiece is entitled Traps.

Jaill - Traps / ジェイル - トラップス


  1. Waste a Lot of Things
  2. Everyone's a Bitch
  3. Perfect Ten
  4. Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs)
  5. I'm Home
  6. House With Haunting
  7. Madness
  8. Million Times
  9. Ten Teardrops
  10. While You Reload
  11. Stone Froze Mascot