Ladytron / レディトロン - Gravity the Seducer / グラヴィティ・ザ・セデューサー

Label: Nettwerk


the new studio album is another chapter after a decade's worth of evocative, instinctive yet deliberate electronic pop music. "Gravity the Seducer is more of a jump than the last album was, more ethereal & melodic, a touch more abstract in places than we've gone before, baroque 'n' roll. It was a pleasure to make, took us right through last summer. It's our best record in my opinion,".

Ladytron - Gravity the Seducer / レディトロン - グラヴィティ・ザ・セデューサー


  1. White Elephant
  2. Mirage
  3. White Gold
  4. Ace of Hz
  5. Ritual
  6. Moon Palace
  7. Altitude Blues
  8. Ambulances
  9. Melting Ice
  10. Transparent Days
  11. 90 Degrees
  12. Aces High