Marissa Nadler / マリッサ・ナドラー - The Sister / ザ・シスター

Label: Box of Cedar


On The Sister she keeps her confessionals as intimate as possible explaining, "I wanted the starkness of every song to reflect the lyrical content. Some of my biggest influences are confessional songwriters. It's always been a very powerful thing to listen to Elliott Smith and Joni Mitchell, and feel so much from their stories."

Marissa Nadler - The Sister / マリッサ・ナドラー - ザ・シスター


  1. The Wrecking Ball Company
  2. Love Again, There Is a Fire
  3. Christine
  4. Apostle
  5. Constantine
  6. To a Road, Love
  7. In a Little Town
  8. Your Heart Is a Twisted Vine