Minus the Bear / マイナス・ザ・ベアー - Infinity Overhead / インフィニティ・オーヴァーヘッド

Label: Dangerbird Spain


The Seattle-based fivesome reunited with former member and longtime producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Cursive) to create a guitar-laden 10-track record that is heavy both on technicality and pop songcraft.

Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead / マイナス・ザ・ベアー - インフィニティ・オーヴァーヘッド


  1. Steel and Blood
  2. Lies and Eyes
  3. Diamond Lightning
  4. Toska
  5. Listing
  6. Heaven is a Ghost Town
  7. Empty Party Rooms
  8. Zeroes
  9. Lonely Gun
  10. Cold Company