Still Corners / スティル・コーナーズ - Creatures of an Hour / クリーチャーズ・オブ・アワー

Label: P-VINE


Recorded at Hughes' own studio in Greenwich, the devil is truly in the details of Creatures of an Hour. Fusing whispered intimacy to the emotional expansiveness of composer Ennio Morricone, Hughes crafts deceptively simple songs that linger like half-remembered dreams.

Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour / スティル・コーナーズ - クリーチャーズ・オブ・アワー


  1. Cuckoo
  2. Circulars
  3. Endless Summer
  4. Into the Trees
  5. The White Season
  6. I Wrote in Blood
  7. The Twilight Hour
  8. Velveteen
  9. Demons
  10. Submarine