Stornoway / ストーノウェー - Beachcomber's Windowsill / ビーチカマーズ・ウインドウシル

Label: 4AD

英BBC放送の『Sound of 2010』に選出されたイギリス、オックスフォードのインディ・フォーク・バンド、ストーノウェーのデビュー・アルバム。名門インディ・レーベル 4AD よりリリース。

2010 release from the Scottish Folk Rock outfit. Originally planned on being released by the band, 4AD were keen that the majority of the songs should be left as they were, recorded on their 8-track recorder in college bedrooms, garages and community centers, at a time when they "felt quite free and had lots of time." "If you listen closely," leader Brian Briggs says, "you can hear stuff like various band members muttering, lots of hiss and funny little details that you would normally clean up if you were in a studio. There's something about the recordings as they are which has maybe more character and more soul to them. And we're proud that actually these are things that we made ourselves without any outside help." 11 tracks. 4AD.

Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill / ストーノウェー - ビーチカマーズ・ウインドウシル


  1. Zorbing
  2. I Saw You Blink
  3. Fuel Up
  4. The Coldharbour Road
  5. Boats And Trains
  6. We Are The Battery Human
  7. Here Comes The Blackout...!
  8. Watching Birds
  9. On The Rocks
  10. The End Of The Movie
  11. Long Distance Lullaby