The Rifles / ザ・ライフルズ - Freedom Run / フリーダム・ラン

Label: Nettwerk


Recorded at Paul Weller's studio, Black Barn, and produced by the legendary Chris Potter (who has guided such luminaries as The Clash, The Stones and The Verve).

The Rifles - Freedom Run / ザ・ライフルズ - フリーダム・ラン


  1. Dreamer
  2. Long Walk Back
  3. Sweetest Thing
  4. Tangled Up in Love
  5. Eveline
  6. Love is a Key
  7. Falling
  8. (Interlude)
  9. Nothing Matters
  10. Coming Home
  11. I Get Low
  12. Little Boy Blue (Human Needs)
  13. Cry Baby