The Strange Boys / ザ・ストレンジ・ボーイズ - Live Music / リヴ・ミュージック

Label: Rough Trade


Half (side A) of 'Live Music' was recorded in April 2011 at the Austin home of producer/Spoon drummer Jim Eno. The second half (side B) was recorded in December 2010 at producer Mike McHugh's Distillery, the same studio that 'Be Brave' was recorded in.

The Strange Boys - Live Music / ザ・ストレンジ・ボーイズ - ライヴ・ミュージック


  1. Me and You
  2. Walking Two By Two
  3. Doueh
  4. Punk's Pajamas
  5. You And Me
  6. Omnia Boa
  7. Mama Shelter
  8. Saddest
  9. My Life Beats Me
  10. Over The River And Through The Woulds
  11. Right Before
  12. Hidden Meanings, Soul Graffiti
  13. You Take Everything For Granite When You're Stone
  14. Opus