The Thermals / ザ・サーマルズ - Personal Life / パーソナル・ライフ

Label: Kill Rock Stars


Over the course of seven years and four LP's, The Thermals have tackled a variety of subjects with no small amount of passion and fervor. Religion, politics, death, these are some heavy themes! Yet The Thermals have irreverently run roughshod over these topics with excesses of moxie and gusto, the likes of which the post/punk/pop/power/etc. community had never before seen! Now, for their fifth LP, The Thermals have battled (and perhaps even conquered!) the deepest and darkest of all popular art themes- love.

The Thermals - Personal Life / ザ・サーマルズ - パーソナル・ライフ


  1. I'm Gonna Change Your Life
  2. I Don't Believe You (mp3)
  3. Never Listen to Me
  4. Not Like Any Other Feeling
  5. Power Lies
  6. Only For You
  7. Alone, A Fool
  8. Your Love Is So Strong
  9. A Reflection
  10. You Changed My Life