Those Dancing Days / ゾーズ・ダンシング・デイズ - Daydreams and Nightmares / デイドリームズ・アンド・ナイトメアーズ

Label: Wichita


The album was recorded over the past spring, summer, and fall with producer Patrik Berger (known for his recent work with Robyn) in Stockholm.

Those Dancing Days - Daydreams and Nightmares / ゾーズ・ダンシング・デイズ - デイドリームズ・アンド・ナイトメアーズ


  1. Reaching Forward
  2. I'll Be Yours
  3. Dream About Me
  4. Help Me Close My Eyes
  5. Can't Find Entrance
  6. Fuckarias
  7. Forest Of Love
  8. When We Fade Away
  9. Keep Me In Your Pocket
  10. I Know Where You Live Pt. 2
  11. One Day Forever