Tim Fite / ティム・ファイト - Ain't Ain't Ain't / エイント・エイント・エイント

Label: ANTI-


there is the absolutely epic and heart wrenching "We Are All Teenagers," which serves as the thematic centerpiece of the album. The track builds from an intimate lament on the awkwardness of the teen years to a magnificently cathartic Phil Spector-like crescendo about human frailty and the lost promise of youth.

Tim Fite - Ain't Ain't Ain't / ティム・ファイト - エイント・エイント・エイント


  1. Hold Me All Night
  2. Girard
  3. Bunnies
  4. Joyriding
  5. Telephone Booth
  6. We Are All Teenagers
  7. Because I Was Scared
  8. Tiger Shopping
  9. My Brother Sings
  10. Bully
  11. Talking To The Air
  12. Goodbye
  13. Ain't Ain't Ain't