Villagers / ヴィレジャーズ - Becoming a Jackal / ビカミング・ア・ジャッカル

Label: Domino

アイルランド、ダブリンのシンガー・ソングライター Conor J. O'Brien のプロジェクト、ヴィレジャーズのデビュー・アルバム。イギリスの名門インディー・レーベル Domino Records よりリリース。

Villagers is the brainchild of Conor J. O'Brien, who has already toured Ireland, the UK and US and opened for Neil Young, Wild Beasts and Cass McCombs amongst others. Becoming a Jackal introduces us to Villagers' vivid narratives, gripping poetry and melodic depth. Conor J. O'Brien's clear and distinctive voice weaves a remarkable spell, delivering an album of rare, alarming beauty. From restrained to unleashed, from a whisper to a literal howl, Becoming a Jackal mutates, intrigues and beguiles in equal measure.

Villagers - Becoming a Jackal / ヴィレジャーズ - ビカミング・ア・ジャッカル


  1. I saw the Dead
  2. Becoming a Jackal
  3. Ship of Promises
  4. The Meaning of the Ritual
  5. Home
  6. That Day
  7. The Pact (I'll be your Fever)
  8. Set the Tigers Free
  9. Twenty-Seven Strangers
  10. Pieces
  11. To Be Counted Among Men