Wild Beasts / ワイルド・ビースト - Smother / スマザー

Label: ホステス

イギリスのケンダルのインディ/アート・ロック・バンド、ワイルド・ビーストの約2年ぶりとなるサード・アルバム。前作に続き Richard Formby とバンドの共同プロデュース。

Never ones to conform, on Smother Wild Beasts have almost gone inwards, embracing their more electronic influences to create a collection of deeply intense and personal songs that pulse with quiet storm sensuality. The result of a heavy six week period of writing in East London, tied in with a month of recording the record in remotest Wales with long term collaborator Richard Formby co-producing, Smother is very much so an album in the traditional sense; 10 evocative songs that sound as if they couldn't exist anywhere outside of this record. Delicate, yet bold, Smother is the kind of record that quietly grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go and confirms what so many people have always suspected of Wild Beasts; that they are a truly special, unique British band who aren't afraid to wander into unfamiliar territories.

Wild Beasts - Smother / ワイルド・ビースト - スマザー


  1. Lion's Share
  2. Bed Of Nails
  3. Deeper
  4. Loop The Loop
  5. Plaything
  6. Invisible
  7. Albatross
  8. Reach A Bit Further
  9. Burning
  10. End Come Too Soon
  11. (予定情報)ボーナストラック収録予定