Cassandra Wilson / カサンドラ・ウィルソン - Another Country / アナザー・カントリー

Label: ビクターエンタテインメント


Creatively, Cassandra Wilson has never rested on her laurels, and her new album, Another Country, is no exception to the rule. Nine of the ten songs are composed by Ms. Wilson and/or her collaborating partner, guitarist-producer Fabrizio Sotti, with the tenth a very special arrangement by the duo of the classic aria, O Sole Mio. Recorded in Florence, Italy, the entire sound of the album is intimate, guitar-driven, and lushly romantic.

Cassandra Wilson - Another Country / カサンドラ・ウィルソン - アナザー・カントリー


  1. Red Guitar
  2. No More Blues
  3. O Sole Mio
  4. Deep Blue
  5. Almost Twelve
  6. Passion
  7. When Will I See You Again
  8. Another Country
  9. Letting You Go
  10. Olomuoro