Alice Gold / アリス・ゴールド - Seven Rainbows / セヴン・レインボウズ

Label: Polydor UK


An important part of the Alice Gold sound comes in the shape of producer Dan Carey. This is a man whose recording credits speak for themselves, featuring as they do everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Hot Chip to La Roux to Lily Allen to Kylie (with whom he co-wrote 'Slow'). "We just clicked," Alice says. "I basically hounded Dan for six months to make room in his diary and told him he had to pay for it all too 'cos I was broke. But he did it. I played the stripped down tracks to Dan in his studio and explained the mad band in my head. He came up with these killer bass lines and the sound I was looking for began."

Alice Gold - Seven Rainbows / アリス・ゴールド - セヴン・レインボウズ


  1. Seasons Change
  2. Runaway Love
  3. And You'll Be There
  4. Cry Cry Cry
  5. Conversations Of Love
  6. Fairweather Friend
  7. Orbiter
  8. How Long Can These Streets Be Empty?
  9. Sadness Is Coming
  10. End Of The World