Colbie Caillat / コルビー・キャレイ - All of You / オール・オブ・ユー

Label: ユニバーサル インターナショナル

アメリカのシンガー・ソングライター、コルビー・キャレイの約2年ぶりのサード・アルバム。Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic)、Greg Wells 等の制作陣、ラッパーのコモン等がゲスト参加。

Caillat penned two album tracks with pop songwriter Ryan Tedder (Beyonce, Leona Lewis), while Toby Gad, Jason Reeves and Rick Nowels all have writing credits on "All Of You." Meanwhile, Caillat's boyfriend, musician Justin Young, wrote three songs on the album with the singer, an experience she calls "so much fun. I've never been interested in musicians before, and now having a boyfriend that plays amazing guitar and piano and has a beautiful voice... it's cheesy but it's awesome, because we write these songs about our relationship and it brought us closer together."

Colbie Caillat - All of You / コルビー・キャレイ - オール・オブ・ユー


  1. What If
  2. Before I Let You Go
  3. Shadow
  4. Make It Rain
  5. I Do
  6. What Means the Most
  7. Dream Life Life
  8. Happier
  9. All Of You
  10. Like Yesterday
  11. Brighter Than the Sun
  12. Favorite Song" (featuring Common)
  13. Stereo"
  14. Think Good Thoughts