Fefe Dobson / フェフェ・ドブソン - Joy / ジョイ

Label: Island

カナダのシンガーソングライダー、Fefe Dobson のサード・アルバム。David Lichens, Jon Levine, Howard Benson, Bob Ezrin, Kevin Rudolf がプロデュース、Orianthi がゲスト参加。

2010 sophomore album from the Canadian singer/songwriter. After the platinum-selling Juno-nominated success of her debut, Fefe Dobson has spent the last few years penning hits for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks, and Selena Gomez. Fefe is finally doing what she does best - writing, recording, and performing her own songs. Working with producers Howard Benson, Bob Ezrin, David Lichens, and Jon Levine on Joy, Fefe has created an album that showcases her amazing talent. Universal.

Fefe Dobson - Joy / フェフェ・ドブソン - ジョイ


  1. "I Want You"
  2. "Ghost"
  3. "Watch Me Move"
  4. "Stuttering"
  5. "Thanks for Nothing" 3:22
  6. "Can't Breathe" (featuring Orianthi)
  7. "Didn't See You Coming"
  8. "Let's Go (Turn It Up)"
  9. "I'm a Lady"
  10. "In Your Touch"
  11. "Set Me Free"
  12. "Joy"