Nerina Pallot / ネリーナ・パロット - Year of the Wolf / イヤー・オブ・ジ・ウルフ

Label: Polydor


Produced entirely with Britpop guitar legend Bernard Butler, 'Year Of The Wolf' is, simply put, the accumulation of Nerina's talents honed over the years. It runs the gamut of Nerina's love of euphoric pop songs with big heart-bursting choruses like lead single 'Put Your Hands Up' - ramped up to even more joyous heights by Butler's stomping widescreen production - to the meditative folk-soul of 'Grace', bridging the gap between pop and art with effortless grace.

Nerina Pallot - Year of the Wolf / ネリーナ・パロット - イヤー・オブ・ジ・ウルフ


  1. Put Your Hands Up
  2. Turn Me on Again
  3. All Bets Are Off
  4. If I Lost You Now
  5. Butterfly
  6. This Will Be Our Year
  7. I Think
  8. Will You Still Love Me
  9. I Do Not Want What I Do Not Have
  10. Grace
  11. History Boys