Parachute / パラシュート - The Way It Was / ザ・ウェイ・イット・ワズ

Label: Island / Mercury

アメリカ、バージニア州シャーロッツビルのポップ・ロック・バンド、パラシュートの約2年ぶりとなるセカンド・アルバム。カントリー・バンド Lady Antebellum との共作曲なども収録。

The Way It Was was produced by John Fields, whose credits include Switchfoot, the Goo Goo Dolls, Pink, and Paper Tongues. The Way It Was follows up Parachute's Losing Sleep, which scored a #1 iTunes album debut when it was released in May 2009. The album featured the Top 15 Hot AC hit She Is Love. Parachute Will Anderson (guitars, piano, lead vocals), Kit French (saxophone, key-boards, vocals). Alex Hargrave (bass), Johnny Stubblefield (drums), and Nate McFarland (lead guitar, vocals) enjoyed a breakout year starting with their live performance of She Is Love at the annual New Year's Eve celebration on Times Square in New York City with over 1 million people in attendance!

Parachute - The Way It Was / パラシュート - ザ・ウェイ・イット・ワズ


  1. White Dress
  2. You And Me
  3. Something To Believe In
  4. Forever And Always
  5. What I Know
  6. American Secrets
  7. Kiss Me Slowly
  8. Halfway
  9. Philadelphia