Jennifer Hudson / ジェニファー・ハドソン - I Remember Me / アイ・リメンバー・ミー

Label: Arista

アメリカの俳優/シンガー、ジェニファー・ハドソンの約3年ぶりとなるセカンド・アルバム。Ne-Yo, Swizz Beatz, Stargate, R. Kelly, Harvey Mason, Jr., Rich Harrison, Ryan Tedder 等の制作陣が参加。

In Jen's words, "I'm excited about this album because it's almost like a renewal for me, reflected through the chapters of my life," comments Jennifer. "I've called it 'I Remember Me' because of the journey I've been on. I've learned that life constantly surprises you, no matter your plans. My fans have been so loyal, I feel like they have been on this journey with me and I can't wait for them to hear the new album."

Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me / ジェニファー・ハドソン - アイ・リメンバー・ミー


  1. No One Gonna Love You
  2. Angel
  3. Where You At
  4. I Remember Me
  5. Everybody Needs Love
  6. Why Is It So Hard
  7. Don't Look Down
  8. Feeling Good
  9. I Got This
  10. Believe