Sly Stone / スライ・ストーン - I'm Back! Family and Friends / アイム・バック!ファミリー&フレンズ

Label: Cleopatra

アメリカの伝説的ファンク・グループ、スライ&ザ・ファミリー・ストーンのリーダー、スライ・ストーンのニュー・アルバム。"Dance To The Music"、"Everyday People"、"Family Affair" 等の往年の名曲を、ジェフ・ベックや、元ドアーズのレイ・マンザレク、ブーティー・コリンズ等のゲストを迎えて再レコーディング。

It's been more than 2 decades since the frontman for the groundbreaking R&B/Soul outfit Sly & The Family Stone has released a full album of new recordings. In recent years, Stone - the writer of some of the most timeless and influential gems in music history such as "Dance To the Music," "Everyday People" and "Family Affair" - has wrestled with demons both personal and professional, but never allowed the inspirational flame to die out completely. Now, Sly returns with brand new versions of classic songs from the Stone family repertoire, aided by Jeff Beck, Ray Manzarek, and a few other everyday people who also happen to be immensely talented superstars and great admirers of one Sly Stone!

Sly Stone - I'm Back! Family & Friends / スライ・ストーン - アイム・バック!ファミリー&フレンズ


  1. Dance To The Music (feat. Ray Manzarek)
  2. Everyday People (feat. Ann Wilson from Heart)
  3. Family Affair
  4. Stand! feat. Carmine Appice & Ernie Watts
  5. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) feat. Johnny Winter
  6. (I Want To Take You) Higher (feat. Jeff Beck)
  7. Hot Fun In The Summertime (feat. Bootsy Collins)
  8. Dance To The Music (Extended Mix)
  9. Plain Jane
  10. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  11. Get Away