Angus Stone / アンガス・ストーン - Broken Brights / ブロークン・ライツ

Label: EMI Import


Broken Brights marks a departure for Stone, and not just from recording with his long-term musical co-conspirator and sister, Julia. The album, produced by Angus, is also proof that he can deftly shift between genres without compromising his signature sound.

Angus Stone - Broken Brights / アンガス・ストーン - ブロークン・ライツ


  1. River Love
  2. Broken Brights
  3. Bird On The Buffalo
  4. Wooden Chair
  5. The Blue Door
  6. Apprentice Of The Rocket Man
  7. Only A Woman
  8. The Wolf And The Butler
  9. Monsters
  10. It Was Blue
  11. Be What You Be
  12. Clouds Above
  13. End Of The World