Delta Maid / デルタ・メイド - Outside Looking in / アウトサイド・ルッキング・イン

Label: Polydor UK


Recorded at Parr Street Studios in her hometown of Liverpool and co-produced by Delta and Chris Taylor with her brother on lead guitar, 'Outside Looking In' is so called because of the record's reflective qualities.

Delta Maid - Outside Looking in / デルタ・メイド - アウトサイド・ルッキング・イン


  1. Broken Branches
  2. Spend A Little Time
  3. Running On Empty
  4. All I Dreamed
  5. Outside Looking In
  6. Of My Own
  7. Picking Up The Pieces
  8. When Love Grows Cold
  9. Dance With My Broken Heart
  10. Any Way I Want To
  11. Back The Last Horse
  12. Footprints
  13. The Changes Made