Great Lake Swimmers / グレイト・レイク・スイマーズ - New Wild Everywhere / ニュー・ワイルド・エヴリホエア

Label: Nettwerk

カナダのフォーク・ロック・バンド、グレイト・レイク・スイマーズの約3年ぶりとなる5作目のオリジナル・アルバム。前作『Lost Channels』と、前々作『Ongiara』も手がけるアンディ・マゴフィンがプロデュース。

New Wild Everywhere captures all of the excitement and intuitive musicianship of a group at the peak of their creative powers, with 12 new tracks that reveal a depth and maturity only previously hinted at by lead singer and songwriter Tony Dekker. Produced by longtime Great Lake Swimmers' collaborator Andy Magoffin, New Wild Everywhere marks the first time in the band's history that an album was recorded in a real studio (Toronto's Revolution Recording); past albums have been famously recorded in historic churches, castles, music venues and more.

Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere / グレイト・レイク・スイマーズ - ニュー・ワイルド・エヴリホエア


  1. Think That You Might Be Wrong 
  2. New Wild Everywhere 
  3. The Great Exhale 
  4. The Knife 
  5. Changes with the Wind 
  6. Cornflower Blue 
  7. Easy Come Easy Go 
  8. Fields of Progeny 
  9. Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife 
  10. Quiet Your Mind 
  11. Parkdale Blues
  12. On the Water
  13. Les Champs de Progeniture