Lenny Kravitz / レニー・クラヴィッツ - Black and White America / ブラック・アンド・ホワイト・アメリカ

Label: ワーナーミュージック・ジャパン


The album's standout tracks include "Stand, You're Gonna Run Again," with its melodic beats and rhythms, the inspirational and soul enriching "Push," "Super Love," a 70's throwback to the days of funk with a weaving modern sound and the electrifying beat-driven "Booty Pop." Also featured on the release is "Dream," a piano ballad showing off a robust and emotional strings section, and the funk driven title track, which lyrically takes the listener on a journey inspired by his parents' mixed-race marriage.

Lenny Kravitz - Black and White America / レニー・クラヴィッツ - ブラック・アンド・ホワイト・アメリカ


  1. Black and White America
  2. Come On Get It
  3. Do It
  4. The Faith of a Child
  5. Super Love
  6. Dream
  7. Stand
  8. Push
  9. Everything
  10. Booty Pop
  11. Life Ain't Never Been Better Than It Is Now
  12. Rock Star City Life