Lissie / リジー - Catching a Tiger / キャッチング・ア・タイガー

Label: Columbia

Band of Horses の Bill Reynolds が参加した2009年のEP『Why You Running』で注目を浴びたアメリカのシンガー・ソングライター、リジーのデビュー・アルバム。

Songwriter Lissie Maurus was raised in the riverside town of Rock Island, IL, and she drew upon those blue-collar, Midwestern origins to create her own form of indie folk music. After dropping out of high school during her senior year, Lissie headed west and eventually settled in Los Angeles, where she became a fixture on the coffeehouse circuit and landed a national tour opening for Lenny Kravitz. A self-titled EP appeared in 2007, but things truly began picking up speed in 2009, when Lissie released the well-received Why You Runnin' and toured alongside Ray LaMontagne.

Lissie - Catching a Tiger / リジー - キャッチング・ア・タイガー


  1. Record Collector
  2. When I'm Alone
  3. In Sleep
  4. Bully
  5. Little Lovin'
  6. Stranger
  7. Loosen the Knot
  8. Cuckoo
  9. Everywhere I Go
  10. Worried About
  11. Look Away
  12. Oh Mississippi
  13. Needle Starts to Fall
  14. This Much I Know