PJ Harvey / PJハーヴェイ - Let England Shake / レット・イングランド・シェイク

Label: ユニバーサル インターナショナル


Let England Shake was recorded in a 19th Century church in Dorset with long time collaborator Flood who co-produced the album with PJ Harvey, John Parish and Mick Harvey. The record was also mixed by Flood.

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake / PJハーヴェイ - レット・イングランド・シェイク


  1. "Let England Shake"
  2. "The Last Living Rose"
  3. "The Glorious Land"
  4. "The Words That Maketh Murder"
  5. "All and Everyone"
  6. "On Battleship Hill"
  7. "England"
  8. "In the Dark Places"
  9. "Bitter Branches"
  10. "Hanging in the Wire"
  11. "Written on the Forehead"
  12. "The Colour of the Earth"