Rival Schools / ライバル・スクールズ - Pedals / ペダルズ

Label: Photo Finish

Nightmare of You や Quicksand、Gorilla Biscuits 等のメンバーからなるアメリカ、ニューヨークのポストハードコア・バンド、ライバル・スクールズの約10年ぶりとなるセカンド・アルバム。

Since reforming in 2008 the foursome has been relentlessly touring all over the US and Europe - perhaps the experience of which, contributed to their even more honed and developed sound on this album. The first single to be released from Pedals, 'Shot After Shot', sets the pace for this record and shows the band together, at the height of their considerable powers. Songs like '69 Guns' and 'Eyes Wide Open' quickly remind us that they still very clearly possess what made them legendary to begin with.

Rival Schools - Pedals / ライバル・スクールズ - ペダルズ


  1. Wring It Out
  2. 69 Guns
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure
  5. Racing To Red Lights
  6. Shot After Shot
  7. A Part
  8. Big Waves
  9. Small Doses
  10. The Ghost Is Out There