Silverstein / シルヴァースタイン - Decade: Live at El Macambo / ディケイド:ライヴ・アット・エル・マコンボ

Label: Victory Records


Deluxe CD/DVD live release from the Alt-Rock favorites. Filmed live at Silverstein's legendary hometown venue, this 10 year anniversary extravaganza celebrates the band's illustrious career to date. The CD features 22 of their best tracks performed live at the 10 year anniversary shows. The DVD features Two+ hours of concert footage highlighting the four nights, never before seen backstage footage and all nine Silverstein music videos, including the brand new video for 'American Dream'.

Silverstein - Decade: Live at El Macambo / シルヴァースタイン - ディケイド:ライヴ・アット・エル・マコンボ


  1. Smashed into Pieces
  2. Red Light Pledge
  3. The Weak And The Wounded
  4. When Broken Is Easily Fixed (feat. Kyle Bishop)
  5. Your Sword Versus My Dagger
  6. Fist Wrapped In Blood
  7. Discovering The Waterfront
  8. Defend You
  9. Call It Karma
  10. Bleeds No More
  11. Sound Of The Sun
  12. If You Could See Into My Soul
  13. My Disaster
  14. Still Dreaming
  15. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  16. Already Dead
  17. Smile In Your Sleep
  18. Vices
  19. American Dream
  20. Born Dead (feat. Scott Wade)
  21. I Am The Arsonist
  22. My Heroine