The Pigeon Detectives / ザ・ピジョン・ディテクティヴズ - Up Guards and at 'em / アップ・ガーズ・アンド・アット・ゼム

Label: Dance to the Radio


We're delighted to let you know that on April 4th of this year The Pigeon Detectives release their 3rd album entitled 'UP, GUARDS AND AT 'EM!' The album was recorded with Justin Gerrish last summer in New York and mixed over the final months of last year.

The Pigeon Detectives - Up Guards and at 'em / ザ・ピジョン・ディテクティヴズ - アップ・ガーズ・アンド・アット・ゼム


  1. She Wants Me
  2. Lost
  3. What Can I Say?
  4. Need To Know This
  5. Done In Secret
  6. What You Gonna Do?
  7. Turn Out The Lights
  8. Through The Door
  9. Go At It Completely
  10. I Don't Know You